If you travel from Oslo Airport Gardermoen, you have three options:

  1. Rent a car for the day. It's the best way to go from OSL Goldfish HQ. The drive is about one hour. Google maps will take you there with ease. Click the yellow button beneath. 
  2. Train. You can take the Flytoget (Airport Train) to Oslo and switch to NSB (Norwegian Train Operator) the local train to Sonsveien Station. It will take you about two hours. Let us know when you arrive and one of our staff can pick you up at the station.
  3. Taxi. The most expensive, but convenient. There is a number of operators in Norway and they are all fairly good. Scams are not likely in Norway. 

Goldfish Factory has following address:
The address is valid for both visitors and truck pick-up.  

Goldfish Factory Address:
Goldfish Boat AS,
Slettaveien 8,
1555 Son, NORWAY.

The Goldfish Factory, Son Norway

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