BuyMyGoldfish is made for you as an owner and is an effective way of getting in touch with potential buyers. To be listed, your boat have to be less than five years, and successfully pass the Approved Pre-Owned program

Listing is free of charge. If you of any reason do not want to be listed as seller, Goldfish will offer Consignment Sales.

The arrangement in a Consignment Sale includes:

  • Approved Pre-Owned checklist

  • Presentations and advertisement

  • Viewing, demonstration and sea-trails

  • Sale & Contracting

  • Commissioning including training and support

For these services we ask a success-fee of 10% of the total sales price. No cure - no pay. Necessary repairs or service according to checklist will be charged separately. Any sale of the boat, regardless to source, recommendations or acquaintance shall be credited Goldfish Boat AS during the appointed period.

Contact for an appraisal.

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