Incidents is a part of nature in boating, and even the smallest thing can be a massive irritant.  We know that time is of essence also when you enjoy your well earned time off, and nothing should keep your beautiful boat to be back in service in no time.

Even we at Goldfish keep most parts in stock, and ship within 12 hours and overnight, there are always certain spares we recommend you to have with your unique boat.

Dependent on your location, levels of customisation, your demand of reliability and identification of system critical parts for, we suggest a kit of spares to follow your boat. Typical parts are:

  • Extra Tubes/Collars
  • Extra Propellers
  • Spare Driveleg
  • Spare Start Panel
  • Spare Navlights
  • Oils
  • Filters
  • Engine service kit

Contact Goldfish Service. They will gladly tailor a spare part list for your boat and use.

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