The main reason to take a high-speed course with Helt Propell is to learn how to exploit the full potential of your Goldfish. 

If you put an average driver in a Formula 1 car he won't even be able to keep the car on the track. At least not set a new track record the first day. Luckily is harder to drive a Formula 1 car than a Goldfish. 

Our point is that if you want to get the absolute most out of your new hull, you need to learn the physics behind. How does the propeller work, what is the effect of added weight, trim and other factors? 

When you have completed the Helt Propell course you will be closer to your boat, drive faster and safer in rougher condition. You will also be able to give your passengers a more impressiv, comfortable and safer ride.

Goldfish 28 Tender Build no. 026 is the boat used in the high-speed course. 

Pål Virik Nilsen and Lars Inge Graver is the guys behind Helt Propell AS. 

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