Valid for: 29 Sport & 38 SuperSport (2014- )

You might want to replace the tubes on your Goldfish RIB. The tubes might be worn out, damaged or you might want to change colour the evenings dress code. 

Why is not important in this section. It's easy and swift anyway. All Goldfish RIB has "slide on collars". This means that two people can easily change the Hypalon tube in one hour. Here is a short "how to" list: 

  1. Place the boat in a secure storage cradle on shore. Make sure you have minimum 1 meter space around the boat. 
  2. Let out the pressure of the tubes. Read how here
  3. Loosen the three screws that hold the bracket that holds the tube in place. You will find the bracket if you look underneath the bow. 
  4. Drag the tube off the bow. 
  5. Wet the slides with soapy water. 
  6. Drag the other tube back on, in the same way, the first collar where. 
  7. Fasten the bracket. 
  8. Inflate the tube. Read how here

PICTURE: "Slide on tubes"

PICTURE: "slide on tubes"

PICTURE: Bracket that secures the tube

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