Let's take a look on how to refill your Goldfish.


The fuel filler in the Goldfish 23 Tender is located at the aft base of the rear seat. 

To remove the fuel filler cap turn the cap to the left with your hand. Your 23 Tender will run on ordinary unleaded petrol. If you want to read more about what requirements your engine has, please refer to the manufacturer Owners Manual. It will be found under Documents in MyGoldfish

TIPS: Do not turn the cap to hard back on. It might fasten and be hard to loosen again.  

2-Cycle Oil

If you have a two-stroke engine it needs oil refill to give an optimal fuel/oil mixture at all times. The engine has an internal oil tank and the filler is located under the top lid of your engine. The lid Is yellow. 

Please read the manufacturer Owners Manual carefully before refilling Oil. It's important that you use the correct oil for your engine. It will be found under Documents in MyGoldfish

This is an example of how the filler can look like. (Evinrude G2 200HO :: Owners Manual 

(This is only valid if you have two-stroke engine. Unseerten? Ask us to be sure. )

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