The Goldfish 23 Tender has a class leading hull shape that is the culmination of more than 20 years of making the world’s finest and most efficient high-performance boats. The result is a very stable hull with exceptionally low fuel consumption, high speed with comparatively modest engine sizes, a virtually non-existent planing angle, and driving characteristics in a class of its’ own. A key aspect of the design brief was to create safe handling and easy manoeuvring capabilities; two points that we are proud to have accomplished. That being said, some pointers can help first-time Goldfish owners get the most from their boating experience;

Goldfish Guide to Maximising your Boating Pleasure

  1. Always have the engine cut-off cord attached to your body and wear a suitable life vest.
  2. Trimming the engine down before accelerating reduces the planing time. 
  3. Try to avoid sharp turns at high speed. 
  4. Always adhere to the law, and remember that common sense is the best thing to bring on your boat. 
  5. Remember that most people are not familiar with travelling at speed at sea. Always keep an eye on your passengers, and make sure that they are comfortable and feel safe on board.
  6. Try to keep your steering and throttle inputs smooth and consistent. 
  7. Always be 100% sure of where you are and where you are going. If in any doubt, reduce your speed and get up to date.
  8. Never expect that other boaters behave in the same manner as yourself. Keep a safe distance to other boats, and have full control of objects ahead of you. Remember that your Goldfish can cover ground faster than most other boats, and objects in the distance can be in your vicinity a lot faster than you think.
  9. Always try to prepare mooring ropes and/or fenders before mooring. Remove ropes and fenders immediately after leaving the mooring site; there is no excuse for driving with the fenders out.
  10. Keep calm and in control at all times.
  11. Remember to check weather forecasts for longer crossing.
  12. Always help other boaters in distress. 

We highly recommend owners that lack experience to get suitable training to maximise the driving pleasure and ownership of your Goldfish. 

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