The layout of the 23 Tender's dashboard is clean and easily accessed for maximum functionality. 

A - Chart Plotter

The Goldfish 23 Tender can be fitted with a Simrad Chart Plotter as an option. Please refer to the specific Owners Manual for further information. Simrad Owners Manual for you plotter can be found in MyGoldfish

Curious of MyGoldish? Read more about it here. 

B - Instrument Panel

The instrument panel is mounted on the port side of the dashboard. It houses the main circuit switches for the following equipment (from left to right). 

NAV LT - turns on/off the navigation lights.
FLOOR LT - turns on/off the deck lighting
BILGE P - turns on/off the bilge pump manually
12V OUT - turns on/off the 12V socket in the glove compartment
NAVIGATION - turns on/off the power to the chart plotter.
STEREO - turns on/off amplifier for the audio system
AUX - Auxiliary equipment

NOTE! There is an automatic circuit breaker below each switch. If nothing happens when you push the switch, push the circuit breaker below. If the fault continues, please contact Goldfish Service

C - Start Panel

The 23 Tender is fitted with the Goldfish Start Panel as standard. It comprises of the IGNITION ON/OFF and START buttons in addition to the keypad (see Engine Start :: 23 Tender for more).

D - Engine Instruments

Which Drivetrain you have chosen affects the instrument set up. Please seek more information about your instruments in the Owners Manual supplied by the manufacturer of your engine. You will find them under Documents in MyGoldfish

E - Steering Wheel

Turn wheel left to turn the boat left, and vice versa for tight turns. The wheel is set off-centre so that you can enjoy a perfect steering position at speed with one hand on the wheel and the other on the throttle. If for any reason you have difficulties with this, please contact Goldfish for training. 

F - Gear Lever (throttle)

Your boat is equipped with the latest engine controls for maximum control and safe handling. The gear lever houses the throttle and the trim control. To put the engine in forward gear, push the lever forwards; pull it backwards to engage reverse. To trim/tilt the engine, press the trim switch on the control lever handle up/down. 

For further information on your gear lever please refer to the Engine manufacturers Owners Manual. You will find them in MyGoldfish.

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