In this article, we will give you the proceeded for starting your engine. It's valid either you have an Evinrude or a Mercury Outboard. 

Note: This quick reference is not a complete checklist, but serves as an absolute minimum list of procedures necessary to start the engine.

Starting the engine

  1. Make sure the main power is turned on. 
  2. Key in PIN code (4 digits, factory setting is 0000). When the code is accepted the red dot will light constantly and the start button will light up. The panel shuts down after 2 minutes without activity if neither ignition or start is activated.
  3. Shortly push down the green START button. 
  4. Let the Mercury or Evinrude Control Panel complete their "pre-start check". 
  5. Hold START button down until the engine starts. The START button will first set ignition on and then start the engine 0.2 seconds later. 

When the ignition is on or the engine is started the STOP button lights up. After about 10 seconds the light in the panel and start button turns off, and the light in the STOP button will light with lower intensity.

Stopping the engine

  1. Shortly push the STOP button. 

The panel will hold the stop signal actively for 10 seconds. In this period the red light will blink. Stopping can be interrupted during these 10 seconds by pushing the green start button.

The Goldfish start panel will stay open in 2 minutes after pushing STOP. This makes it possible to skip step 1 & 2 in the start procedure.

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