Looking for the weight, length, width or draft of Goldfish 23 Tender? 

Model: Goldfish 23 Tender

Design Category: Category C - This craft is designed to operate in winds up to Beaufort force 6 and the associated wave heights (significant wave height up to 2 m). Such conditions may be encountered in exposed inland waters, in estuaries, and in coastal waters in moderate weather conditions. Mass of the craft in the light craft condition: 1150 (kg)

Maximum recommended load: 753 (kg)
Mass fully loaded condition:
1 903 (kg)
Main dimensions of the craft
LOA = 7,55m, BOA = 2,4m
Maximum draft, fully loaded:
Type of main propulsion:
Tank Capacity:
190 litres
Builder's Plate:
Builders plate is placed visibly from the steering position and gives information regarding manufacturer, production category and capacities. Craft identification number (CIN): The hull is permanently marked on the stern at the starboard.  

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