As a customer, you can be sure that Goldfish Boat will deal with any claim related product failure caused by defects in the boat's material or workmanship within the warranty period. 

If you claim that the defect is caused by poor manufacturing and that Goldfish should cover the cost of repair, please justify your claim by supporting arguments and contents from manuals or other literature. If you can substantiate that damage is NOT caused by any of the elements listed under our General Limitations in Terms of Warranty, it will be easier for us to eliminate this in our search for cause.

 To put forward a claim, please go to your MyGoldfish profile, choose SUPPORT, and follow the procedure described.

If you don't have a MyGoldfish profile for your Goldfish. Please use our form. You can download it by clicking the yellow link below. 

No matter the reason for the defect – we would off-course offer our services to get your boat back in working condition, and if you ever want to take part of any of our preventive training programs for maintenance or operation, we are happy to invite you to on of our next courses upon your notice.

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