The boat (after use)
Your Goldfish loves water, and after a long sunny day out eating sea-miles and cutting through salty waves, it is nothing she loves more than a freshwater shower before she is put to berth. Shower top-down including textiles and tubes.

Deck & Hull (both paint and gel coat)

  • Wash with Turtle Wax Superwash (when you have time)
  • Spots to be removed with Acetone (when required)
  • Preferably - Protect with C-Quartz Ceramic Coating (once a year)
  • Second best - Protect with Autoglym Liquid Hard Wax (UV-exposed surfaces monthly)
  • If hull is antifouled – use Hempel Hard Racing Teccel 76880 (every year/every second year) Console (Nextel coated)

Console (Nextel coated)

  • Spots from grease to be removed with Alcohol/Methylated Spirit (if needed)
  • Colored spots GENTLY removed with Acetone (not too often)
  • Wash with Turtle Wax Superwash (when you have time) Teak


  • Stain to be removed with sand paper (grit 100-120) (if needed)
  • Apply Hempel Teak Cleaner (once every second month)
  • Protected with 50/50 Hempel Teak Sealer and White Spirit (once a year) Plexiglas


  • Wash with Turtle Wax Superwash (when you wash the boat)
  • Apply Rain-X (every month) Engine


  • Apply any Degreasing Agent (once a year)
  • Wash with soap and hot water. Let it dry COMPLETELY (once a year)
  • First spray engine mounts, battery connectors, nuts and bolts with Würth HSS Fluid (once a year)
  • Cover the engine from all angles with Würth Multi 2000 or WD-40 (every second month)

Z-drive and Transom (for professionals with right protective equipment only)

  1. Boat out of water (when needed, at the worst every third week)
  2. Jet machine barnacles and remove remaining with spray containing 30% hydrochloric acid
  3. Repeat, repeat, repeat and flush THE WHOLE BOAT with water, water, water


  • Flush upholstery with fresh water (when salty)
  • Clean with strong soap and careful use of Jet Machine (every second year)
  • Textiles can be taken of and machine washed at 40° (mid-life)
  • Apply 303 Fabric Guard to conserve color and keep surface water repellent (once a year)


  • Spots to be removed with Würth Industry Clean or any efficient citrus cleaner (if needed)
  • Washed with Turtle Wax Superwash
  • Deep rinsed with Pro Marine Cleaner
  • UV protected with Pro Marine Protector

NB! Carefully follow the directions given on each product. We advise to contact professionals for repairs of gelcoat gauges and nicks.


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