Valid for: 29 Sport & 38 SuperSport (2014- )

The tubes on your Goldfish RIB might need an increase of air pressure from time to time.

The boat was delivered with a foot pump to raise the pressure in the tubes. Take contact with Goldfish Service in the lower right corner If your boat no longer has a pump.

The tube contains 5 - 7 chambers depending on size. Each chamber needs to be adjusted to the right pressure. 

What is the correct pressure? The tubes on your Goldfish RIB has auto adjusting excess pressure valves. The valves ensure that the tubes never suffers from excessive pressure. Therefore, when the air starts to "leak" out of the excess pressure valves, the tube has the right pressure.

PICTURE: showing four out of five valves on a 29 Sport. 

PICTURE: Normal valve to the right and excessive pressure valve to the right. 


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