Your Goldfish got a unique hull design, and this demands a certain type of trailer. 

There are lots of different manufacturers of trailers around the world. In general, we recommend buying your next trailer in the country you will be using it. Then you are certain that the trailer is adapted to your local legislation and environment. That said, most trailers are CE-certified and can, therefore, be used across borders in most of Europe.
At the Goldfish Shipyard, we use trailers every day, and it's a crucial tool for us. Our favourite trailer for our boats is Svela Trailers. It's a local Norwegian brand, with excellent service. Please let our Sales Team know If you like your next Goldfish delivered with a trailer. 

23 Tender: Svela B27XLE
28 Tender: Svela B35XLE
29 Sport:  Svela B35MAX2E
38 SuperSport:  (to heavy for trailer in Norway)

Contact Svela or Goldfish for exact match.

Key Features: 

This is what you should look for if you're looking for a trailer, but will buy something else then Svela. 

  • Large, rubber wheels that don't get stuck in the steps. 
  • A trailer that is large enough. Learn where the point of balance is on your Goldfish. 

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