Each new Goldfish comes with the papers required for export and import. You find this on your MyGoldfish dashboard under “Documents.” Goldfish protect and shrink wrap the boat in plastic suitable for CLOSED TRANSPORT. We lift the boat onto the truck, and we provide the driver with a copy of the transport documents.

You must:

  • Keep contact with a professional logistic partner. We suggest DSV and we can arrange contact. They will help you with papers for the declaration.
  • Make sure that you have ordered a transport cradle with your boat, or that your truck has an arrangement that will not damage the hull.
  • Ensure Goldfish Boat AS have received all funds before pick up.
  • Notify Goldfish about pick-up at least two working days prior to transport. Normal working hours is 08:00 – 16:00. Other hours by appointment.
  • Ensure that your boat is insured. (It should be ensured by owner from the point of 100% payment).
  • Prepare for funds to cover import tax.
  • Make sure that Norwegian Border stamps the papers of declaration when the boat leaves the country. Otherwise, the boat will have to be shipped back upon arrival.
  • Arrange for a partner suited to unload the truck and put the Goldfish into water or on a trailer.

Please make sure that the driver that pick-up your boat can identify himself and the boat he is picking up.

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