If you are ready to put your boat away for the winter season, you might be wondering how to stack it without damaging the hull. We have two main ways to do this properly, and they are both described in this article. 

The key is to know where your hull is strong. The strongpoints have no problem carrying the weight all winter through. What you cant do is to have the panels in between carry all the weight. Misplacement might cause damage which may not be reversible.

Two lengthwise supports
Take a closer look at the transport cradles offered with the boats from Goldfish Boat. They distribute the weight alongside the full length of the hull and does not create any pressure points. This is the best way to store your boat. A trailer with many support wheels or another type of cradle might be good substitutes.

Three blocks
Letting the boat rest on three blocks of Leca, Wood or similar is a method used by many storage facilities. Done right this is a good solution and will not damage your boat. The supports must be placed like on the illustration beneath. A piece of wood between any rough surface and your hull might be a good idea. 

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